To me, the bass was like the heartbeat, the essence of the rhythm,
the place where the flow of any song comes from.
[ James Brown ]



Fabio Fraschini, born in 1971, began his musical journey in the early 1990s, recording his first album as a member of death metal band Desecration. Over the next few years he remained within the Italian metal scene, playing bass guitar for Enthralment, Corpsegod and D-Form. His professional career began in 2000, as the bassist for Sanremo music festival artists Marjorie Biondo and Enrico Sognato, playing on their albums and in the live performances. He later collaborated with several italian and international artists (Daniele Groff, O.R.O., Valeria Rossi, Jennifer Matthews, Arctic Plateau, Novembre, Zero Assoluto, il Volo, Marina Rei). So far he has played on more than 50 official albums. In parallel to his work as a session musician, he dedicated himself to musical production opening a studio called “Playrec”, where he worked for Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, Degenerhate, Silvia Salemi, Arctic Plateau, Stefano Panunzi, Rodolfo Maltese and Fjieri, among many others. He has also collaborated with "Chitarre" magazine, writing gear and album reviews, meeting and interviewing top musicians such as Robert Trujillo, Antonella Mazza, Dave Ellefson and Leland Sklar. He is a founding member of the cinematic pop duo Starship 9 (from the cult soundtrack label Cinevox) and testimonial/endorser of EBS amplifiers, Lakland basses and Rotosound strings.



  • 2000 Enrico Sognato, opening act for Carmen Consoli “Stato di necessità Tour”
  • 2004 Novembre “Easter Italian Tour”
  • 2005 Daniele Groff “Sei un miracolo Tour”
  • 2006 O.R.O. “Vivo per lei Tour”
  • 2006 Daniele Groff Tour
  • 2007 Valentina Lupi “Vorrei essere cappuccetto rosso Tour”
  • 2009 Zero Assoluto “Sotto una pioggia di parole Tour”
  • 2010 Zero Assoluto Tour
  • 2011 Zero Assoluto “Perdermi Tour”
  • 2011 Il Volo U.S.A. Tour
  • 2011 Il Volo European Tour
  • 2013 Ensemble Acoustique Tour
  • 2014 Marina Rei Tour
  • 2015 Rino Gaetano Band Tour
  • 2016 Marina Rei “Paraeidolia Tour”
  • 2016 Novembre “Ursa Italian Tour”
  • 2016 Novembre “Ursa European Tour”
  • 2017 Rino Gaetano Band “Aida Tour”
  • 2017 Marina Rei Tour


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